Every year I review my habits, exercise, and projects for the previous year.

Daily Habits

In addition I also tracked the following but didn’t commit to any frequency:

This coming year is going to look fairly similar I think, I’m not feeling the need to change much.

I use and recommend Loop Habit Tracker and Gratitudes Journal to keep track of things.



Despite some minor setbacks and very little racing, It was a great year for running. I continued my focus on longer trail events, with a really solid training block to start the year. This lead to a PR for 50k at Warburton Trail Fest in March on the way to 3rd place in the multi-day event. Three weeks later I ran my first 100K as part of the Buffalo Stampede Ultra Grand Slam multi-day event. It felt strong, though following it up with a 42K the day after was too much and I needed six weeks of virtually no running afterwards to rehab my right knee. That was followed by a month of base building before two massive social trips: first to Hawaii to backpack the Nā Pali coast, then a running tour through the alps from Switzerland to France.

Kalalua Beach Chamonix
Kalalua Beach (left) and Chamonix (right)

Was feeling strong coming home, but fell sick three times over the next few months before discovering (and having removed) an infected tooth, all of which took at least a week each out of training.

As a result I bailed on both Hume & Hovell 50K and Surf Coast 100K, but I did manage to be healthy enough for a decent crack at 4peaks at the start of November.

December was a solid month, including double workout weeks with 40k+ long runs in the back half. I brought in the New Year with Jodie on a hiking trip in Tasmania.

For the whole year I traversed 3,050K, my most ever, while climbing nearly 80K, fully double my previous max. Hopefully I can keep momentum into Hut2Hut 100K mid-February.

I often ran with Hunter Athletics Tuesday mornings around Olympic Park, Studley Park Run Club around the Yarra trail Thursday evenings, and Dandenong Trail Runners on Sunday. I continued to be coached by Tim from the Distance Collective.

Running distance by week for 2023
Distance per week over the year


I restarted my bouldering gym membership in July but never got a consistent schedule going. I’m not intending to train this but hope to keep going socially this year.

I nearly cemented a twice-a-week strength habit going to support my running, but it was tough to keep restarting bigger lifts every time I got sick. Did a little bit better with easier prehab work, but in general want to try and do better here in 2024. That said, I’ve never previously been able to make anything stick alongside running, so I’m still happy with a partial success this year.

We got a table tennis table at work, and a few of us went along to a group training at MSAC a couple of times. I really enjoyed this but I’m not going to make time for it in addition to everything else.

I did a handful of introductory BJJ classes just so I could know what everyone else was talking about. Again, not going to make time for another sport properly though.



Midnight Suns
Yes, you can paint with Blade in Midnight Suns. So wholesome.

Upgraded graphics card to a from an NVIDIA GTX 1070 to a 4070ti primarily for Age of Wonders 4, which I ended up not playing much. I also enjoyed Potionomics and Per Aspera.

Jodie and I got into crosswords this year. Mostly from NYT, with a sprinkling of Washington Post. In the last few months Saturday Quiz Time started publishing a weekly US-style crossword with Australian clues, which has been really fun. This year I want to start trying NYT Thursday & Friday puzzles more consistently.


Gave up trombone in May. With my back fixed, all my primary hobbies came back and I was no longer making time for it. I didn’t play piano much, but learned a few easy things: Isn’t She Lovely, Hymn to Freedom, and the victory jingle from when you finish a NYT crossword.


I saw a few shows:

I spoke on panels at Southstart in Adelaide and Intersekt in Melbourne, and attended SXSW in Sydney.

I fasted for a day of Ramadan.

I grew a beard.

Jodie and I at Cape Raoul
Jodie and I at Cape Raoul