Ultracube is the most creative overhaul mod for Factorio I’ve played yet. You start with a single item: the cube. You never get another one. This cube is required as a catalyst for fundamental bulk production of power and material.

This limitation means factories cannot be scaled in the traditional manner. Instead the focus is on optimising “cube uptime” in shunting it between operations.

In addition, there are many unique challenges in the later game requiring a decent amount of circuitry expertise. I found these really fun but they were certainly more difficult that in any other mod I’ve tried. This is a hard mod overall, though short for an overhaul: I completed it in just under 30 hours.

The core base.

I loved the theme and flavour text. Joyful, irreverent, but internally consistent and aided in understanding.

While many (all?) assets were reused from vanilla and Krastorio 2, they were used in very different ways which made my factory feel even more unique. For example, fabricators instead of assemblers, red belt from the outset, and the first “basic matter” material used the plastic icon.

This mod is still under active development. I kept a list of “annoyances” while playing but virtually all of them have been fixed by the time I write this so not worth sharing. The main unfixable issue relates to not being able to load bulk recipes while they still have output: this covered in the FAQ, and can be worked around adequately with Inventory Sensor, which I would consider a required mod anyway: getting reasonable cube efficiency without it would be unnecessarily painful. (The documentation for that mod is lacking: you need to place it with the green/red terminals facing away from the assembler otherwise it won’t work.)

Technologies were not revealed until researching the relevant science card, a touch I really appreciated. I never knew what was coming next and it was always a nice surprise. More mods should do this.

I used Alien Biomes but didn’t check my map settings and generated a world with no trees. Wood isn’t needed in early game so didn’t think anything of it, but is required to bootstrap something in the mid-game, which was too late to restart. I console cheated the needed catalyst.


In addition to my standard quality-of-life mods, I tried two new mods this run:

Minor Spoilers

Only read this section if you’ve already played it yourself! This mod really is a treat to figure out on your own.

I created a mapshot of the factory for posterity, where you can scroll and zoom around. This is a fantastic mod that everyone should try.

Victory screen