Feel good, wholesome, and the author knows you’ve read books like this and keeps shaking things up while winking at you. Contains some exceptionally eloquent observations.

Why must a person like Tress feel for two, or more? Yet I’ve found that the people who are the happiest are the ones who learn best how to feel. It takes practice, you know. Effort. And those who (late in life) have been feeling for two, three, or a thousand different people…well, turns out they’ve had a leg up on everyone else all along. Empathy is an emotional loss leader. It pays for itself eventually.

Beyond that, memories have a way of changing on us. Souring or sweetening over time—like a brew we drink, then recreate later by taste, only getting the ingredients mostly right. You can’t taste a memory without tainting it with who you have become.

I’ve discovered that it’s all right to need help. So long as you’ve lived your life as the kind of person who deserves to be rescued.

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