Another excellent non-fiction. My review is, read the following excerpts:

“Is there any wonder, then, that every time there is a social crisis, it is the Right, rather than the Left, which becomes the venue for the expression of popular anger? The Right, at least, has a critique of bureaucracy. It’s not a very good one. But at least it exists. The Left has none. As a result, when those who identify with the Left do have anything negative to say about bureaucracy, they are usually forced to adopt a watered-down version of the right-wing critique.”

“History reveals that political policies that favor “the market” have always meant even more people in offices to administer things, but it also reveals that they also mean an increase of the range and density of social relations that are ultimately regulated by the threat of violence.”

…. then: if you eat that sort of stuff up, you will love this. Some fun stuff in here too, like the review of the third Batman movie included as an appendix.

I’d already read “Debt”, and picked up basically Graeber’s entire back catalog after this.

“So: Police are bureaucrats with weapons.”

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