So I don’t know why exactly I bought this. I teach a class at work about doing email properly, and maybe thought there would be some parallels? Also I’m really untidy? Contrast to everything else I had on the go? It just showed up on amazon and I hit buy.

Was pretty surreal to read - it’s written for homemaking women (“most people think I always knew that tidying was what I wanted to do, but actually I just wanted to get married!”) - but the approach jives really well with me. No bullshit: just go through and do a proper tidy once and then you’re done for life. Only keep things that bring you joy. Other reviewers have commented that the personalization of objects was pretty weird but I thought it was cute, and probably effective (i.e. have gratitude towards your stuff).

Don’t know who exactly I’d recommend this too, but enough in here I’ll probably use that deserves the fourth star.

Cover image for The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up