short, and some doubled up material from Utopia of Rules (I think).

Read Rules first, and if you need more you can find it here.

“Freedom has become the right to share in the proceeds of one’s own permanent enslavement.” “Debt is the most efficient means ever created to take relations that are fundamentally based on violence and violent inequality and to make them seem right and moral to everyone concerned.” etc etc

Interesting section was one of why people join the army, boils down to basically: same reason educated liberals go into public service. They want to get paid to help people. “Certainly, most people do join the army because they are deprived of opportunities. But the real question to be asking is: opportunities to do what?” “in reality, American society is better conceived as a battle over access to the right to behave altruistically.” “This is precisely what our soldiers are doing when they give free dental examinations to villagers: they are being paid (modestly, but adequately) to do good in the world.”

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