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If you want to be like Canada, you more or less have to accept that you’re going to be the kind of place where people assume that a guy in a suit is probably honest.

This state of affairs is actually quite uncommon in the criminal justice system. Most trials only have a couple of liars in the witness box, and the question is a simple one of whether the accused did it or not. In a fraud trial, rather than denying responsibility for the actions involved, the defendant is often insisting that no crime was committed at all, that there is an innocent interpretation for everything.

At the time of writing, if you want to convert a ludicrously false story about the internet into enough money to buy a yacht, private venture capital is probably the way to do it. But public markets have some advantages too.

He liked the finer things in life – private jets, luxury hotels and politicians – and spent lots of money buying all of them.

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