This is a combined review of the book and the TV series, because I consumed both at the same time.

The characters are flat, dialog weak, but the setting is really interesting to me. In the author’s words (in an included interview), it’s the “middle time” where we’ve reached out from earth but haven’t left the solar system. The relationship between Earth, Mars, and the belt is pretty interesting.

Mostly the same things happen in the book and the series, but for different reasons. This is actually pretty good because I can mix-and-match the versions I like best.

For example, I found Miller’s demise on Eros much more compelling in the book (“he decided to stay”) vs the series (he kind of got stuck). But where I nearly threw the book out the window when they introduced “vomit zombies” (COME ON), the series was much more tasteful. The Holden/Naomi relationship is a bit of a shit show in either, but if you pull in the best bits of both it works a lot better.

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