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It hadn’t occured to me previously that there are well documented development timeline differences between men and women. College athletics happen to be when men are in their prime … but not women. That’s actively harmful for women, who are sacrificing their bodies to try and perform when developmentally it just doesn’t make sense.

Young women athletes:

experience stress fractures at three times the rate of their male peers […] 65 percent develop disordered eating habits that compromise their ease around food.

On stagnation at the professional level:

Today women make up 40 percent of the athletes in the United States but receive only 4 percent of the sports coverage, about the same as it was thirty years ago. […] Less than 1 percent of endorsement investment in professional sports goes to women.

Talking about her own issues and background:

But I came from the kind of broader community that says “all lives matter.” The kind of working-class white people who get the short end of the stick enough times to not want to hear about the long ones they have, viewing what feels like a rare advantage as fair game. Sports teach you to exploit any advantage you have and silence your protests of injustice with reminders of your disposability.

I ignored my loneliness and called it independence.

In reference to women running in underwear:

They have been internalized as symbols of professionalism by the women themselves—the high heels of the running world—but instead of back pain, you get body dysmorphia.

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